• How do I disassemble or take apart my desk?  

Please contact SilverlineOFFICE for further assistance

  • Does Silverline relocate or move office furniture?  

Yes we do! Please contact SilverlineOFFICE for all moving queries

  • How do I access my drawer if I can’t find/lost the keys?  

Please contact SilverlineOFFICE to purchase your replacement key

  • What do I do if I am having trouble unlocking my desk? 

Please contact SilverlineOFFICE to have a service representative assist you

  • Is the drawers included with my desk? 

No, drawers are an additional piece to every desk

  • Will my desk come with cable management (grommet)? 


  • What is the standard height of a desk?  

The standard height of a desk is 29"- 30"

  • Do you have standard desk sizes?  

Yes the standard desk size are 30"/24" W x 72",66",60",54",48",42",36"



  •  What can I do to prevent my office chair from sinking whenever I sit in it? 

Often, this problem is due to a faulty control mechanism or pneumatic cylinder, and can be easily replaced on all our chair models. Please contact us for further assistance

  • How do I fix my office chair if it is frozen and I cannot raise or lower it? 

Often, this problem is due to a faulty control mechanism or pneumatic cylinder, and can be easily replaced on all our chair models. Please contact us for further assistance.

  • What can I do if my chair wobbles when I am seated in it? 

A wobble in a chair can be caused by a faulty control mechanism or chair base. Please contact us for further assistance.

  • Can the arms of my chair be removed?  

Yes for most Silverline chairs, the chair arms can be removed and our technicians would be more than happy to assist you with this process. However few chairs where the arms connect the seat and back, the arms can’t be removed.  

  • Do you sell office chairs without the wheels? 

Yes, we also sell chair glides or lockable castors (chair wheels). If you require either of these options, please contact us for further assistance.  

  • How do I keep my chair clean? 

SilverlineOFFICE offers sanitisation and servicing packages for ALL Silverline chairs. Please contact us for further assistance. 

  • Would adjusting my chair be demoed? 

Yes, please arrange to be present at the delivery address on the date of delivery. 


Filing & Storage 

  • Who do I contact if I’ve lost the key to my Silverline lateral file and need to get in the cabinet? 

Please contact SilverlineOFFICE to purchase a replacement key. 

  • I need to remove/install a drawer on my Silverline lateral file so that I can relocate it. Where should I start? 

Please contact SilverlineOFFICE for further assistance. 

  • Are there any additional hanging rails available for filing cabinets? 

Yes, additional hanging rails need to be purchased separately to use hanging folders. Please contact us to make the necessary purchases.


Delivery & Installations  

  • Do you deliver and install your products? 

Yes we do

  • Is there a fee for delivery

Delivery is included with our service.

  • What are the delivery time frames?

Order times may vary on the product availability and time of the year. Generally lead times are: 1-3 days for chairs and cabinets, and products to be fabricated may vary from 1-2 weeks.

  • How long does installation take?  

 It varies from project to project; e.g 1 desk can take up to 30-45 minutes.

General FAQs 

  • Do you have standard panel sizes?  

We have three (3) standard heights, 46",69",84" however our partition system is modular which allows various space configurations.

  • Do you have standard blind sizes?  

All blinds are customised per window for accuracy.

  • Is there a charge for an estimate/proposal? 

No. All estimates and proposal are free of cost

  • How do I determine how many staff will fit in my office?  

SilverlineOFFICE offers free site consultation which includes space planning. Please contact us for further queries.


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